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Monday, July 20, 2015

Monday Made It! Pacing Guide and 3-D Projects

Hello again, it's Made It Monday! This week I haven't done a lot as far as craftiness, but I have been working on some things for school.. (sad face--I go back in two weeks). I'm usually itching to get my classroom set up, but this year my heart is in another place. You see, I've been home since April with my baby girl, and it breaks my heart to even think of leaving her. The smiles I get when she wakes up in the mornings are priceless, and I'm going to miss those so much when I go back. Luckily, she will be staying home with her daddy so I don't have to worry about her going to daycare.

So here we go with my Monday Made Its! Just a couple of simple things this week.

First of all, I want to share with you a couple of 3-D projects I created for my TPT store. They are aligned with the Georgia Social Studies and Science standards for 3rd grade, so if you know another teacher in Georgia that needs materials, share this post with them!

The first project I finished up was my 3-D Georgia Regions Cube. With this one, students do all of their work throughout the unit on the packet handouts, and at the end, create an awesome 3-D cube. If you are interested, click on the cover image below.

The second one that I created was a bit of a stretch for me. This one covers all of the famous Americans that we study here in Georgia. It is much like the cube project, only it ends up creating a DODECAHEDRON! It is a twelve-sided creation that my kids are sure to love. And they make awesome display pieces. If you are interested, click on the cover picture below.

And last, but not least, I was finally able to sit down and lay out my pacing guide for the year. I am privileged to work with an AMAZING team and we have third grade down to a science! 
We've been together for seven years now, and each year gets a bit better than the last. The next few images are my pacing guide for the year. 

 In case you are wondering, the yellow blocks indicate short weeks, early dismissal days, etc. This way we know to plan around those days.

The next page shows what happens when we get to Spring testing season. At the beginning of March, each of us four teachers departmentalizes and teaches a single subject to all four classes. Our kids rotate through all of the classrooms in the mornings, and we finish up review activities in the afternoons. We find that it works amazingly well, and breaks up some of the humdrum of test review.

Want a copy? Click here for a PDF of my pacing guide.

And that's it folks! My Monday Made Its are in. While they are simple, they are going to be great for the upcoming school year....even though I'm very, very, very, sad about having to go back. I mean, who can resist this sweet face? Am I right?


  1. Your very best Made It is that sweet, sweet little face. Congratulations! See you around. Kathleen Kidpeople Classroom

  2. Just precious! I don't know how you will go back to work with that precious baby at home.

    Wild & Fun in Pre-K

  3. Adorable! What a precious little bundle of joy.

  4. Your baby is so beautiful! I love the 3D projects-- so much more fun than just worksheets!

    I need to get on doing a kind of pacing guide!

    My Bright Blue House

    1. There's nothing like a baby and yours is absolutely precious! Love your pacing guide. Do u have an editable version?