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Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Two for Tuesday! Multiplication Mosaics and More!

Good Morning Folks! Dropping in again to say hello and to let you know that I am linking up with Cyndie from Chalk One up for the Teacher for Two for Tuesday. Two more products are currently marked down 50% You can find them by clicking the pictures below!

This is the second half of my cursive content series. Included are 20 content based cursive passages all designed for classroom fun! Just click on the image below to grab them up!

My second Two for Tuesday product will be great for Back to School! These fun color-by-math-fact activities are a big hit with my kids and in my TPT Store. Just click below!

 And just for good measure...Here's a little something to make you smile. She makes me smile every day.

Have a great Tuesday! See you next time!


  1. Your blog is so cute and your baby is precious!! If I taught cursive, I would definitely need that product! :) I'll have to look into the subtraction mosaics- I think my first graders could handle it towards the end of the year! They look so neat! Thanks for sharing!

    Fervent First Grade Frenzy

  2. Hi! I have been following you for awhile but now that I am moving back to 3rd grade I am totally stalking your blog and TPT...lol...I also have a special love for your school and grade level...I started my first public school teaching job in 2001 at Antioch as a 3rd grade teacher...I would probably still be there but my oldest daughter was diagnosed with diabetes at the end of my 4th year there...I live in TN so we stayed one more year before I transferred to the north end...I am at Varnell now and have been in 2nd but moving back to 3rd this year...I'm sure I will be buying a lot from you in the next few weeks! Enjoy your summer and that precious baby!