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Monday, August 3, 2015

Monday Made It! Classroom Reveal!

Hello everyone!! This week I'm linking up once again with Fourth Grade Frolics for Monday Made It! And since I'm all finished with my classroom, I thought I would share my classroom reveal at the same time! All of my decor this year was made by me and I can't be more excited about how it all turned out!! Get ready, because this might be a lengthy post!!

First off, my outdoor bulletin board is all Minion-ized. Since I don't have a Cameo or anything, all of those minions and lettering were printed and hand-cut by yours truly.. I have a blister to prove it! I love the way it turned out and can't wait for the kiddoes to come in and see them!

Inside the classroom, I only have one bulletin board--but it runs the entire length of the room. That big thing gets split into all sorts of configurations, and it ended up looking like this!
Our daily schedule is on the far end, and the larger section is where I will post all of our learning objectives. The white sheets are just laminated posterboard. All of the headers and such were printed on cardstock and laminated with my handy at-home laminator.

This is where my students will chart the number of A.R. Points that they earn. Each time they meet a level, they will move their nametag down the wall. Each level earns a small prize until they get to 100 points--and that's when they get to pick the big prize! A free book from the book order!

Our math fact wall--The kids have buttons with their names on them that they will move to the different levels as they pass them. At the end of the year, if they pass them all, they get to have a Fun Day!

And our class rules take up a little space on this display.

Next up are two bulletin boards that we use daily for Flex Math and Guided Reading. I didn't necessarily MAKE these, but I did put them up!

To learn a bit more about how I run my math groups...click HERE.

 Almost done! Here are just a couple more things that I made for my classroom. LABELS! I love organized materials, so I label things for my kids and for myself to keep us in order. First up is my math carts. These carts store the things we need for math stations. Fact cards, our timed tests, and any manipulatives or sheets we need are in this cart. The kids will be responsible for getting their own things ready for the period and it all comes out of this cart.

And all of our folders needed minion labels too, so I made those as well! 

And I was finally able to hang up some of my TPT goodies, like these  Subway Art Synonym Posters that I got from The Brown Bag Teacher.

And that's about it... I also made some yellow curtains for my room as well, but I forgot to take a picture of them... I'm not very proud of those since I used my stapler to make them!! But you can't even tell because they hang at the top of about a 10 foot tall window.  I've got a couple more things in store, but right now I'm going to enjoy being home with my husband and my girls...because work starts again on Tuesday. Where did my summer go??

See you next week!

Monday, July 20, 2015

Two for Tuesday! Multiplication and Addition Mosaics

Howdy again! Today I'm linking up with my friend Cyndie again from Chalk One up for Teacher! It is Two For Tuesday, and I thought I would share some BACK TO SCHOOL (those are bad words) goodies with you! The two products you see below are two different versions of my Math Mosaics available in my store. One set is for multiplication, so grades 4-5 would be able to do these at the beginning of the year. The other set is addition, something that I use as morning work on the first days of school when my kiddoes are just getting used to the routine.  I hope you'll check them out and grab them up while they are on sale! They are currently marked down to $1.50 per set, instead of $3.00

Make sure you check out the other deals below!

Monday Made It! Pacing Guide and 3-D Projects

Hello again, it's Made It Monday! This week I haven't done a lot as far as craftiness, but I have been working on some things for school.. (sad face--I go back in two weeks). I'm usually itching to get my classroom set up, but this year my heart is in another place. You see, I've been home since April with my baby girl, and it breaks my heart to even think of leaving her. The smiles I get when she wakes up in the mornings are priceless, and I'm going to miss those so much when I go back. Luckily, she will be staying home with her daddy so I don't have to worry about her going to daycare.

So here we go with my Monday Made Its! Just a couple of simple things this week.

First of all, I want to share with you a couple of 3-D projects I created for my TPT store. They are aligned with the Georgia Social Studies and Science standards for 3rd grade, so if you know another teacher in Georgia that needs materials, share this post with them!

The first project I finished up was my 3-D Georgia Regions Cube. With this one, students do all of their work throughout the unit on the packet handouts, and at the end, create an awesome 3-D cube. If you are interested, click on the cover image below.

The second one that I created was a bit of a stretch for me. This one covers all of the famous Americans that we study here in Georgia. It is much like the cube project, only it ends up creating a DODECAHEDRON! It is a twelve-sided creation that my kids are sure to love. And they make awesome display pieces. If you are interested, click on the cover picture below.

And last, but not least, I was finally able to sit down and lay out my pacing guide for the year. I am privileged to work with an AMAZING team and we have third grade down to a science! 
We've been together for seven years now, and each year gets a bit better than the last. The next few images are my pacing guide for the year. 

 In case you are wondering, the yellow blocks indicate short weeks, early dismissal days, etc. This way we know to plan around those days.

The next page shows what happens when we get to Spring testing season. At the beginning of March, each of us four teachers departmentalizes and teaches a single subject to all four classes. Our kids rotate through all of the classrooms in the mornings, and we finish up review activities in the afternoons. We find that it works amazingly well, and breaks up some of the humdrum of test review.

Want a copy? Click here for a PDF of my pacing guide.

And that's it folks! My Monday Made Its are in. While they are simple, they are going to be great for the upcoming school year....even though I'm very, very, very, sad about having to go back. I mean, who can resist this sweet face? Am I right?

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Two for Tuesday! Math Bundle and Poetry Unit

Howdy ya'll! I'm back again today for another link up with my good friend Cyndie from Chalk One Up for the Teacher for another Two for Tuesday! Today you are privy to two AMAZING deals from my store. One is a big ole bundle of math goodies, and the other is my most popular literature unit in my store. Make sure to check them both out and grab them up while they are half price!

The first product up for grabs is my bundled set of Interactive Word Problems for Third Grade! Every standard is included, and my students last year loved them! They provide an excellent opportunity for students to write and draw their thinking while working out word problems. Click on the image below to grab them! Original price was $10.00,  and it is now marked down to $5.00!!

The second product that I have marked down 50% is my Poetry and Figurative Language Unit. It includes 13 days of lesson plans and is designed for an interactive experience. All poems referenced are linked within the document and all sheets, etc. are included in the bundle as well. The original price was $8.00, and it is now marked down to $4.00.  Click below to grab that one!

As always, thank you for dropping in and I hope you'll visit again soon. I'm getting ready to start releasing some new materials and will be sharing even more ideas right here on the blog!

Monday, July 13, 2015

Monday Made It! More Minions and a Freebie

Good Morning Friends! Once again, I'm linking up with Fourth Grade Frolics for another Monday Made It! Last week, I showed you my back to school bulletin board and this week I'm going to share some more goodies for that theme. Make sure you read all the way to the end, because there is a surprise in store down there!

In case you missed it, this was my outside bulletin board from last week.

 And here we go!
 First up, are my new classroom rule posters and nameplates. I do plan on cutting the white borders off as soon as the baby wakes up. She's snoozing and the sound of scissors wakes her up every time. The second picture shows my new nameplates. They are small so they don't take up much room on our desks, and I will write names on them and tape over them when the time comes.

 Second in line, you will find my set of schedule cards. My schedule is magneted to my board with that magnetic sticky tape. I will do that and write the times for each segment on when the time comes and I have my final schedule.

The objective signs will go on my focus wall. I have small posterboard that I laminated. Each of the minion headers will hang above a piece of the posterboard. That is where I will write my objectives each day/week. 

 And finally, number three!!  These are my A.R. Point goal posters. As the kids meet each level they get a prize as well as the opportunity to put their name card on the wall beneath the poster. Simple, yet effective for motivating them to read!!

These are my Math Master's Level Headers. My students have buttons that are push pinned to the bulletin board. Each time they pass a level of multiplication, they get to move their button to that poster. Again, simple yet effective.

And since you all were so nice last week, and left such amazing comments, I have a freebie for you! Since minions are copyrighted, I am not selling this decor in my TPT store. However, I can give it away! You won't be able to make any changes to it, but there may be a few pieces that you  can pick and choose to use. Click below to grab it up!

Now that you are all done, click HERE to head back to the linkup to find more great ideas!