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Thursday, July 31, 2014

Back to School...What I'm Doing

Howdy folks...yeah..it's that time of year. Just spent the day at the amusement park with my daughter and it finally hit me. I go back to work on Monday. August 4th seems a bit too early if you ask me..But nonetheless, it's going to hit too quickly and I'll be a zombie the first couple of weeks until the sleep schedule kicks in again. I'm definitely going to miss my late night quiet time.

Anyway, I've recently been gathering up all of my Back to School files and stuff and updating some of the older ones with new fonts and such and I thought I would share what I use for those first few days back, along with what we do the first couple of weeks in.

Day One always brings with it my Back to School Facebook Wall. These are completed on the very first day and always make up my bulletin board for when Open House hits. The kids love them and I just recently updated some alignment issues and changed a few fonts. You can click the image below to grab one up if you like.

I also always have some sort of color by math fact ready to go for morning work those first couple of days. Since we're just now third graders and haven't yet learned to multiply, it's always an addition fact mosaic that they jump into on the first day. They're super easy and I have them for all sorts of holidays and times of year, and my kids beg to do them during math stations. These are a couple of my back to school sets. 

This year I've made several other things for the Back to School season and haven't yet decided on which ones I want to use or file away for another day. I don't spend a LOT of time on BTS projects but I always try to get in at least one or two. Plus, I have an empty bulletin board in my classroom that I may just utilize for one of these projects.


I'm headed into school tomorrow to wait around for the delivery man all day I guess. I have a new kidney table that I got from DonorsChoose.org that is being delivered and I have to be the one to take it off the truck.. ugh... My poor old muscles can't take much more strain after today's multiple rounds on the roller coaster. I'm definitely not as wild and crazy as I thought I was..my seven year old kicked my tail today!

Make sure you check back in real soon, and if you see anything you like, wishlist it! There might just be an event coming that you may like. Have a great weekend and I'll see you all on the flipside!

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Wordless Wednesday-Material Explosion!

Good Morning! I'm linking up with Christina from Second Grade Sugar and Spice for Wordless Wednesday! Here's what I've been up to!

I'm nearing the finish line....All except for that stinking closet in my classroom!! 
So here's my question: What would you suggest I do to tame that explosion of materials you see in there?

Monday, July 28, 2014

Two for Tuesday! New Math Products

Howdy folks!! It's getting close to time to head back to work but I'm still plugging away on new materials and I'm still hanging out with the gals over at The Teaching Tribune! It's Two for Tuesday and I have two BRAND NEW Products up today at 50% off! Hopefully, you'll find them useful and friendly to your pocketbook as well.

I've started a new series of Interactive Word Problem sets for my kiddies this year. So far, I've made it through two Common Core Domains, and I'm getting ready to start a new one tomorrow! So here we go! Just click on the images below to grab them up!

Original price $5.00--Marked down to $2.50! 30 Tasks for student notebooking to show skills with these standards.

Original Price $4.00--Marked down to $2.00- 14 different notebook based tasks for students to show their skill with fractions in third grade.
And that's it! I hope you'll continue stopping in and checking out the deals and other fun things going on here at TeachesThirdinGeorgia. Check back soon for my classroom reveal!

Friday, July 18, 2014

Most Amazing Stapler!!

Hey Ya'll!! I just had to pop in and share the coolest little product that I found while shopping online .. It is the coolest little stapler that is absolutely perfect for the classroom. The cool thing about it is that it comes apart and works perfectly for bookmaking! It allows the user to staple inside the book, instead of along the outer edge...like one of those longarm staples, but small and way kid friendly! Check out the little video for it below!
Personally, I love the color! And it's cheap,($10) no more than the cost of a normal stapler.. If you'd like to grab one up for yourself, please click the link below to head to the Quirky website and search for the Align Stapler! So fun!

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Two for Tuesday!! 50% Off Task Card Kits

Good Morning Ya'll! I told you I'd be back with some markdowns for you this morning! I'm keeping it going with The Teaching Tribune for Two for Tuesday with two of my BRAND NEW task card sets!  They have both been added to my store in the past two days, and they are now both marked down a whopping 50% just for today! I hope you'll stop in and grab them up!

Pay the Pig! This set of cards is designed to practice coin counting and includes everything you need to drop into a math center! Print and go! Originally priced at $3.00, now priced at $1.50!

This set was just added last night! A fun circus themed set of task cards just right for those beginning multipliers to practice working with word problems. This set also includes everything you need for a game of SCOOT! or a math station. Originally priced at $3.00, now priced at $1.50!

I hope you're able to use at least one of these fun little sets and that you'll stop back in soon to see what's happening here in The Peach State! 
Have a Terrific Tuesday!

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Keeping It Together

See that little picture down there???
Yeah, that's me during the school year...Drowning in a sea of papers to grade, progress monitoring to record, test scores to keep up with, and parent conferences to plan. 

Now let me just admit it, I am probably the most disorganized teacher in the world when it comes to paper! Most of the important stuff gets buried on my desk, or (gasp) chucked into the trash by accident. I am always losing data or hunting for it in between parent-teacher conferences. This year, I've decided to do something about it. I am going to put all of my data in ONE place--which includes meeting notes, progress monitoring, class grades. and appointments. I made myself a little planner to get me through the year and I thought I would share!
This is the cover! I'm a bit of a cheapskate so I went with something with lots of black and white, along with a pop of color just so I'll be able to find it when it gets buried on my desk.

 Inside this one little book you will find every data sheet that I need for the year and I'll be whipping this notebook out at every meeting to keep myself on track. The interior pages are completely black and white...why? Because I could print it for free at school. Here are a few of the pages that I included. 

Gotta Have a Calendar! Hand written dates so that I can reuse from year to year.
Meeting Notes Pages- About 15 of these for all that wonderful meeting time.
Writing Exam Scores and Progress Monitoring Table, Also included pages for MAPS scores, fluency scores, and other important assessment scores. These I definitely plan on using! Progress monitoring is a huge pet peeve of mine because it's hard to keep track of, but not anymore!
Gradebook Pages--LOTS of these!

I also added in several blank checksheets, a list of my school computer login information (I always forget my passwords for stuff!. I think that this year is going to run a little smoother now that I have a place to keep everything. No more hunting for me!

The best part...it only cost me four bucks. I printed it at school and had it bound into a notebook at Office Depot and now it's all ready to go Back to School! (Say it isn't so!)

So I have a question...How do you keep all of your data organized? Please leave a comment letting me know how you do it all and keep it together!

Friday, July 11, 2014

Free Font Friday!

Good Morning Everyone! I'm back this morning and ready to go for Free Font Friday! I've teamed up once again for our FINAL Free Font Friday with the ladies over at The Teaching Tribune. Today I have a special package for you! Not just one, but THREE brand new fonts. You might say I'm loving summer break, even though I did spend the past two days completely decluttering my house! So far I have 12 LARGE moving boxes full, and I still have two rooms and a closet to go through. 

Yeah, I've decided to take Queen Elsa's advice and just "Let it Go". Too much junk in my house!  
And now that I've gotten that song running through your brains, I'll show you this week's freebie! 

Just click on the picture above to snatch up these fun fonts! I hope you enjoy them! Have a great weekend!
Oh, and BTW, you are welcome... I know you are thankful for me reminding you of that wonderful song! :-)

Thursday, July 10, 2014

A New Look!!

Hey there!! Welcome back and I hope you didn't get lost when you clicked over. My little ole blog has made a big change today! With the help of my good friend and absolute ROCK STAR blog designer, Christi Fultz from Designs By Christi, Plaid Apple, Ltd, and Mrs. Fultz's Corner, my blog has gone from " I have no clue what I'm doing" to " I'm a PRO at this". (I'm really not, still learning the blogging ropes) .

I absolutely love what she was able to do with it. The color combos, placement, and everything is just PERFECT! I hope now with a new design, I'll be more likely to jump in regularly and actually BLOG this year about what's happening at school! If you are searching for a blog designer, I would DEFINITELY recommend Christi!

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Worksheet Wednesday! Behavior Monitoring

Good Morning! I have something for you on this Wonderful Worksheet Wednesday! I'm back again with my buddies from The Teaching Tribune to share a little freebie with you this morning. Click on the picture below to download this easy-peasy behavior plan to use with this sweeties who have a little trouble in the classroom. There is a boy version and a girl version! Enjoy!

Have a great Wednesday!

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Two For Tuesday! 50% Off Products!

Good Morning! I'm running late this morning but I do have a Two for Tuesday ready for you! This is the last Two for Tuesday in our series of Summer Bloggin' posts over at The Teaching Tribune and this week I'm putting two of my newest products on sale for you! Just click on the pictures below and head over to grab them up while they're half price!

My Menu Math Task card kit is originally priced at $4.00 but is on sale today for only $2.00. This one was a big hit on Facebook last night! 

My Back to School Flipbook Kit is normally priced at $3.00, but is now on sale for $1.50! 

This is a quick post because I'm headed out the door but I hope you'll stop in sometime today for a deal!
Have a Terrific Tuesday!

Monday, July 7, 2014

Monday Randomness!

Hey ya'll! It's Monday and I'm linking up with The Teaching Tribune for a little bit of Monday Randomness! This week I'm sharing a few random thoughts and happenings!

Here we go!

Make sure you stop back by The Teaching Tribune to learn a little more Random Stuff from all of the ladies in the linkup! Have a great day!

Friday, July 4, 2014

Free Font Friday!

HURRAY!! My favorite day is finally here! Not just Friday, but FREE Font Friday! I have a serious font addiction so days like today just make me smile! I can't wait to see all of the fun fonts that are linking up over at The Teaching Tribune!  Today I have a free font of my own that I made just for this occasion! Feel free to download it and use it to your heart's desire! Just click on the image below!

And there you go friends! Now I'm off to The Teaching Tribune to hunt down some more font goodness!
Have a fantastic Friday!