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Sunday, July 13, 2014

Keeping It Together

See that little picture down there???
Yeah, that's me during the school year...Drowning in a sea of papers to grade, progress monitoring to record, test scores to keep up with, and parent conferences to plan. 

Now let me just admit it, I am probably the most disorganized teacher in the world when it comes to paper! Most of the important stuff gets buried on my desk, or (gasp) chucked into the trash by accident. I am always losing data or hunting for it in between parent-teacher conferences. This year, I've decided to do something about it. I am going to put all of my data in ONE place--which includes meeting notes, progress monitoring, class grades. and appointments. I made myself a little planner to get me through the year and I thought I would share!
This is the cover! I'm a bit of a cheapskate so I went with something with lots of black and white, along with a pop of color just so I'll be able to find it when it gets buried on my desk.

 Inside this one little book you will find every data sheet that I need for the year and I'll be whipping this notebook out at every meeting to keep myself on track. The interior pages are completely black and white...why? Because I could print it for free at school. Here are a few of the pages that I included. 

Gotta Have a Calendar! Hand written dates so that I can reuse from year to year.
Meeting Notes Pages- About 15 of these for all that wonderful meeting time.
Writing Exam Scores and Progress Monitoring Table, Also included pages for MAPS scores, fluency scores, and other important assessment scores. These I definitely plan on using! Progress monitoring is a huge pet peeve of mine because it's hard to keep track of, but not anymore!
Gradebook Pages--LOTS of these!

I also added in several blank checksheets, a list of my school computer login information (I always forget my passwords for stuff!. I think that this year is going to run a little smoother now that I have a place to keep everything. No more hunting for me!

The best part...it only cost me four bucks. I printed it at school and had it bound into a notebook at Office Depot and now it's all ready to go Back to School! (Say it isn't so!)

So I have a question...How do you keep all of your data organized? Please leave a comment letting me know how you do it all and keep it together!

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