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Sunday, August 26, 2012

Grading has got me down..So I got busy..

So before the common core standards, my district used a standards based report card. Now, we are unsure as to what our report cards will look like and how we are expected to record grades. I had no clue as to how to go about documenting all of these new standards and strands that go along with them. I sat down with the trusty laptop and pulled something out of my hat trying to get myself organized. Maybe its something that you could use as well. If you are interested, or know a third grade teacher in the same boat as myself..hop over to my Teachers Notebook store and pick up this little doozy. It covers all of the core subjects-Reading,Writing, Math, Language, Math, and Speaking and Listening.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

The Best Pencil Sharpener EVER!

Just like any other teacher, the classroom pencil sharpener has evolved into the bane of my existence. I despised the thought of kiddoes lined up at the sharpener, trying to sharpen pencils, over..and over..and over again. Ugh..so much time wasted! I have bought about ten sharpeners over the years (Ive only been teaching for seven) and every single one lasts a couple of months and then magically, on a day when Im absent..they tear up. I was on the prowl for something sturdy and economical and then I ran across this little gem.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this sharpener. The kids learned to use it in no time flat, and it sharpens to a perfect point EVERY SINGLE TIMe!! Ive only had mine for a little over a week and it has probably sharpened 500 pencils..most of them by me! Just because I like to use it! These sharpeners were created by a TEACHER, so they are definitely designed for classroom use. You can get one over at www.classroomfriendlysupplies.com for only $24.99..with Free shipping too!! You will not be disappointed!

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Da Da Da Da Da..Im loving it!

Back to school season is my favorite season of the year, especially since I became a seller on TeachersPayTeachers! Sales today have been higher than they have been since I joined in January. So far Ive banked 380 dollars for the month of August! WHAAAT!! Im dancing in my recliner right now, while checking my sellers board at the same time.

On a more serious note, this year my baby (the only one I gots) started Kindergarten. She attends the school where I teach and I'm not sure who was more excited on that first day. I'm excited that she is entering into a new world of learning and excitement. And she's excited that she has a nametag and a cubbie!  Her teacher and I went through elementary school together and she is going to be a wonderful person for my mini-me to spend her first full year in school with. She already loves her and made her a birthday card this afternoon. That first day walk to class had me leaving the room teary-eyed and Aubrey with a grin as big as a Cheshire cat. She was just that happy about being there.  Here are a few shots of my girlie on her big day! Isn't she beautiful? 

Thursday, August 2, 2012

One Step Ahead!

Well folks, its time to sit back and relax..just for a minute! Schools here in my district go back into session on August 9th, so that means teachers here head back the 7th! After a sit down with my grade level the other day, we came to realize that planning for the new common core standards is going to be BRUTAL! In four hours, we planned two subjects...for ONE WEEK! Is that not insane? Well, one week wasn't quite as prepared as I like to be so I sat down this evening, and most of tonight and churned out another eight days worth. I have seriously been sitting at my computer since around 5:00 p.m. and here it is nearly midnight. It's a good thing I have an understanding husband and a patient five year old. Teaching math has never been a strong suit of mine. It is not the subject that I particularly enjoy. I love writing though! Our curriculum map says we teach place value and rounding as our first unit. Last weeks meeting took care of the place value, and tonight's workout took care of the rounding. I worked SOOO hard on this one! Its eight days of instruction, with actual lesson plans, attachments, and an assessment for the end. Granted, the attachments took forever! There are 18 pages of them.. And no, they are not worksheets! Well, except for the test. There are graphic organizers, dice games, partner activities, and even a gallery walk activity. Everything is in there. I will be so glad not to have to scrounge for things to fill in my lesson plans. I made everything myself! If you teach third and are looking for some rounding materials, take a look at this packet. Its in my TeachersPayTeachers store for only $8.00. I absolutely love it and can't believe that I actually created something that is this useful! Please take a look and let me know what you think! http://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Product/3rd-Grade-Common-Core-Math-ROUNDING-8-Days-of-Lesson-Plans