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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Da Da Da Da Da..Im loving it!

Back to school season is my favorite season of the year, especially since I became a seller on TeachersPayTeachers! Sales today have been higher than they have been since I joined in January. So far Ive banked 380 dollars for the month of August! WHAAAT!! Im dancing in my recliner right now, while checking my sellers board at the same time.

On a more serious note, this year my baby (the only one I gots) started Kindergarten. She attends the school where I teach and I'm not sure who was more excited on that first day. I'm excited that she is entering into a new world of learning and excitement. And she's excited that she has a nametag and a cubbie!  Her teacher and I went through elementary school together and she is going to be a wonderful person for my mini-me to spend her first full year in school with. She already loves her and made her a birthday card this afternoon. That first day walk to class had me leaving the room teary-eyed and Aubrey with a grin as big as a Cheshire cat. She was just that happy about being there.  Here are a few shots of my girlie on her big day! Isn't she beautiful? 

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