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Sunday, July 5, 2015

Plan With Me Sunday! My Teacher Planner

Good Morning Friends! I'm blogging while the baby is sleeping, but she's starting to stir so this might be a short and sweet post. Today I am linking up with Kreative in Kindergarten and Keeping up with Mrs. Harris for Plan With Me Sundays! Today I wanted to share my teacher planner with you!

Truth be told, I would LOVE an Erin Condren planner, but that money would have to come out of the diaper and formula budget so I have to improvise and make my own. In total,( my planner cost me a whopping $4.28 at Office Depot. The cover I did at home, the copies I made at school, and the binding was the only out of pocket expense. (Unless you count my pens and washi tape). So here we go!
My cute little cover. When I had it bound, they added a hard plastic cover for me.

Two page spread calendar... Gotta love some KG fonts!

And another two page spread. I do plan on livening it up a bit with some more washi tape when I get a chance to go out.

These are my two page spread lesson planning pages. They will be color coded once I start planning!

Checklists! Gotta have checklists! Again, sorry about the sideways pictures.

Gradebook! Lots and Lots of Pages!

These are for meeting notes, grade level stuff, and jotting down ideas!
 It's not an Erin Condren..But it serves my needs and contains pages for everything I need this upcoming year. It will be prettier once the year starts and I get all of my color coding done on the inside. Baby is most definitely awake now, so I've gotta run!! Check back soon for more back to school posts and ideas!

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  1. I keep thinking that I want to try and EC planner, but the more I have to personalize mine the more I realize that the EC would not work for me. Plus, I can't validate spending $40 or $50 dollars on a planner that I'm going to have to change almost completely. They're soooo cute and work for a lot of people, but I don't think they're for me. Kudos on making your own and it being completely personalized! It looks wonderful! Love me some KG fonts!

    Simply Secondary

  2. I love it! You did a fantastic job on your planner! Plus the KG fonts are always adorable :)

  3. Great job!! What is the name of the planner from Office Depot? I really like it!! Thanks for joining us!

  4. Love the way you designed your pages! I DIY my pages as well and, like you, just can't justify the cost of the EC. The nice thing is that I enjoy making the pages and customizing them to fit my exact needs though!

  5. Thans so much for sharing and joining in our linky fun! I love how you use your planner. It isn't about the cost, it is about how much it is used to help keep you on track. Babies demand WAY more when they are younger! :) So glad to have you join us!

  6. Robin, the planner is one that I made myself. I just had it bound at Office Depot.

  7. Love this! I have a downloaded planner I use that I only paid $6 for but I know I'm going to want to make some of my own pages as well. It's difficult to find exactly what you want in a planner. I see people all the time putting stickers over top of their expensive planners because a column heading doesn't work for them...I'd rather spend that money on something else too.

    First Grade Frame of Mind

  8. I love your homemade plan book...you did a great job :) honestly I did splurge twice for an ec planner and while it looked nice and I enjoyed using it, I didn't use a lot of the features.

  9. This is great! Did they give you a teacher discount at OD? I would love to have my planner laminated and spiraled and quit using the binder!

  10. Your planner is adorable! Now you have me thinking of making my own and getting it bound.... :-)

  11. Your planner is adorable! Now you have me thinking of making my own and getting it bound.... :-)