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Saturday, July 13, 2013

Snap It Up Saturday! Twisted Sister Backgrounds

Guess what folks! It has finally stopped raining! Thank goodness.. If I were a cookie monster, this is what I would have looked like when I got up this morning to sunshine...


It was just about to make me batty. But we made it through and took the day off to go shopping for Back to School clothes for my little one. It was great, until her six year old-type A personality- decided to buck the system---right in the middle of Kohl's. Leave it to my girl to pick the quietest shopping center to throw the loudest tantrum. We finished our trip in record time and thanks to my coupons and Kohl's cash, we walked out spending less than $100 on new duds for her...and a couple of Georgia Bulldogs T-shirts for me. Anyone else have a child that tends to meltdown in public? She's a perfect angel at school, at her grandparents, at friends' houses, but at home or in a store...OMG!! What am I going to do when she's a teen?

So on to this week's Snap it Up Saturday!, I was feeling a little twisted after the shopping fiasco and sat down and whipped up a fun little set of backgrounds for you. I call them Twisted Sister Backgrounds, because right now, I am one TWISTED SISTER! My nerves are just a wee bit frazzled, but it will all smooth out sooner or later. I hope you like them and can find a fun use for them. I tried them out as fills for some lettering that I was working on and they looked awesome! I hope you like them!

Click on the image above to download the zipped file. 

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