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Saturday, July 20, 2013

Snap It Up Saturday! Delightful Diamonds and a Newsworthy Note!

Hey ya'll! 
Snap it Up Saturday is here again and this week's inspiration comes from my dear husband Jason. You see...when we got married, I was student teaching. Which means we were flat broke..like..ramen noodles for lunch and dinner broke. Being newlyweds on one income was rough! Well, when we bought our wedding bands, we went with the value package.. Yep...discount rack at Kmart kind of wedding bands. But I didn't mind, I loved them and him anyway. 

But this week, we got them replaced...Well..mine anyway. He's still good with his band but I wanted something a bit different and he bought me a new set. I don't have pictures because they are being sized at the jeweler...but they are simply lovely. So this week's Snap It Up! Set is called Delightful Diamonds! 

In this set there are seven digital papers..each with a diamond texture to them and just a little metallic sheen to make them pop! Everybody loves a little sparkle! All you've got to do is click on the image below to visit Google Docs for the download! I hope you enjoy them!

And now that you've got those...I have to let you in on a BIG secret. The most awesome bloggy event you've ever attended is happening starting at 8 a.m. Sunday morning. It is so legendary, we should get reporters to cover it! You are in for a very special treat if you stop in on Sunday!

As always, thanks for stopping in. I hope you enjoy Snap It Up Saturday just as much as I do. Have a great weekend and don't forget to stop back in for the big news!


  1. Love is what is all about. I don't even have a ring! Well I do, but it is not a wedding band. It's about who you are with and how they make you feel, and I can tell your husband makes you feel special and loved and wanted. My hubby is named Jason too, must be something special about that name! Good strong men who know what matters most...family!
    Have a fantastic weekend and thanks for sharing your background papers, I will think of your "love story" everytime I use them.!

  2. Ummm -- pictures of the new rings please!!!!

  3. Love the wedding picture and thanks for the diamonds! :)
    from Well, Michelle?