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Monday, July 15, 2013

It's Monday...and This is How I Feel...

Hey there! It's Monday and you know what that means? We are one week closer to the end of summer vacation and the start of a new school year. Yuck! I love back to school season and the excitement that surrounds it....but you still get that sinking feeling when you realize that pretty soon, you won't be allowed to wander aimlessly around all day wearing the Angry Birds pajama pants that you have come to love so dearly. No more will you be allowed to eat when you feel like it, sleep when you feel like it, or go to the bathroom when you feel like it. But...whatever...when you become a teacher, it's not for the summer's off...it's for the fun you have getting ready for a new batch of babies to walk through the classroom door and the joy you get from watching them succeed. 

You see, I'm all about some Back to School shopping. I love the smell of new crayons, permanent markers, and hand sanitizer, and I really like the sound that a brand new composition book makes when you crack it open the first time. My mood has lightened..and it is time to let you all know exactly how I feel...

This is how I feel when.....

My husband asks if I want to go to Walmart...to buy school supplies..


When some crazy school supply thief takes all of the glue sticks before I get to them...and she gives me the stink eye when I glance at her shopping cart...


When I find something cheaper at Staples, then price match it at Walmart..and use my husband's discount card to knock the total even lower...


When I finally find all of the stuff that I need to start the school year off right...and I don't break the bank doing it!


And that's all folks... I'm feeling like I'm ready for it to start all over again. I might change my mind in six or eight weeks, once the first round of IEPs, SSTs, and parent teacher conferences is over. But for now...I'm feeling fine!

Hope you all enjoy the rest of your summer freedom and make the best of it!

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  1. This made me laugh so hard! Thank you for that :)