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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Supporting the Families in Oklahoma

As a resident of the town of Ringgold, Georgia, I know exactly what the folks over in Moore, Oklahoma are feeling right now. Just two short years ago, our little town was also touched by a series of storms that have forever changed the people and community that we call home. Numerous deaths, destruction of historical sites, and the imminent sense of fear are still wreaking havoc here in Ringgold. Thunderstorms bring with them the sight of backpacks sitting by the front door in readiness for evacuation to a storm shelter. As a teacher, I cannot fathom what those teachers and students must be seeing, thinking, and feeling. My heart goes out to them and I want to help. I have teamed up with TeachersNotebook and many other Teachers Notebook sellers to donate a product to a bundle in support of those families in Oklahoma.  Please stop in and check out the bundle. Every purchase donates to the folks over there in need of our help.

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