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Saturday, May 11, 2013

Mother's Day Fun in Third Grade

Hi Friends! One of my most favorite holidays is finally here! Mother's Day! I don't love Mother's Day just because I'm a mother, I love it because it gives everyone a chance to shower their mothers with love and special gifts..(even though I tend to do that year-round with my mom). My class even put in a full day of work just to get ready for the special day. And since I teach in a school with 87% of our population being Hispanic--we got to do it two days early! Mexico celebrates Mother's Day on the Friday before the U.S. does. A few things we got to do today were take pictures, make frames, write cards, and make special books just for the moms, grandmas, aunts, etc. in our lives. My kids absolutely loved it and so did I. This was the first time we have touched paint this year (it is not my friend) and the kids went wild! Here are a few snappies of the day's activities.

Our Mother's Day Picture Frames.. I found these in the craft section at Wal-Mart for 97 cents apiece. We just used regular acrylic paint to decorate them. I had the snapshots printed at Walgreens and got those for only $2.77. I had to run out during my lunch to go pick them up!

We also played a game of Mother's Day Scoot using a product that I whipped up and put into my TPT store. To start with, we put all of our prompt cards around the room and went around filling in different information about our moms on our graphic organizers. 
Click the image to visit my store for the Scoot Game.

Once our round of scoot was finished, we sat down to create our Special Someone booklets. The kids really enjoyed making those and decorating them for their mothers. My favorite part was the note on the back. Some kids really put their hearts into the notes, and others went with a little bit of humor. :-)

Overall, we had a good day. The kids finally got to have a bit of fun after all of that Spring testing and they all got to use their creativity to create something special for the women they love. What are some special things that you like to do to celebrate Mother's Day in your classrooms? I would love to hear some of those!

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