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Friday, May 3, 2013

Snap it Up Saturday!! Feeling a little goofy!

Hello friends!

I think the stress of testing and the pollen count here in North Georgia have gotten to me! I've finally succumbed to my regular spring bout of upper respiratory issues. They normally hit in March but this year they decided to wait until May...Grrr..

Anyway, after today's doctor visit and two shots in the behind, I'm feeling a little bit goofy so I put together a little set of clipart to show off my goofiness. No purple elephants or psychedelic dreams brought on by cow pile mushrooms...just a few edible friends brought on by a serious round of steroids and antibiotics. So I introduce you to my Goofy Garden Vegetables. This set is blackline and color and also includes the grassy background. I hope you like them! Click the image to download!

 If you don't mind too awful much, a pin or Facebook share would be greatly appreciated. A big thanks to all of my followers! I hope you enjoy Snap it Up Saturdays!

Have a great weekend!

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