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Saturday, January 12, 2013

Grading Woes?? Tips and Tricks

Grading Woes! We've all said it...We've all done it.. That pile of papers on the kitchen table that needs to be graded speaks volumes. The bane of my teaching existence is the task of grading and recording the scores on those precious pieces of tree. What is it about recording grades that seems to leave a bitter taste in my mouth?
Perhaps it is the headache I get from trying to decipher strange lettering and wording. Or perhaps its the fumes off of my felt tip pen. Or perhaps it is the fact that I have papers in there that might have come from about three weeks ago. Does everyone grade like I do? Or is there a special grading gene that I didn't inherit? I've tried and tried to develop a system for getting these things graded and recorded in an easier fashion. It just doesn't work for me. I wish I had magic powers that would poof them into the gradebook just like that. That will never happen though..not in my wildest dreams, so Ive been searching for some tips and tricks to help me get things organized. Maybe some will help you too!
1. Get an EZ Grader (or two) to keep at home, or in your purse.. I wonder if theres an iphone app that does the same thing??
2. Grade as you go. Maybe keep your gradebook in hand while going around the room and record things as they are completed in class. This would help me A LOT! I like to give a lot of impromptu assessments to see when my kids are "getting it".
3. Stagger when you give assessments so that you dont have so many papers to grade at once.
4. Have student's write their numbers on all papers then when you collect assignments quickly go through the pile to see which ones are missing. Then paper clip them together and put a sticky note on them that says what assignments are missing.
5.Grade assignments the day they come in (easier said than done), this will prevent them from pilling up. Also try to return papers or at least show students their grades as soon as they are graded this will prevent them from begging you. Student's also tend to love this practice.
These are just a few that I have found. Any other tips and tricks that you all have in your pockets? I would love to hear them. But alas, I must go attempt to record some grades. Coffee? Check! Pen? Check! Here I go~!

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  1. I love the grade as you go idea - when I give an assignment that I know is going to trickle in, I will often give feedback, have them fix it and then enter the grade right then.