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Friday, August 2, 2013

August Currently.

Hey ya'll! I can't believe it is already August! Just a few short days until I head back into the classroom. Where did the time go? My to do list is still a mile long but oh well, I'm going to enjoy the rest of the summer and spend it the best way I know how. After a short stint at school today, my daughter and I decided to celebrate...with a little treat. 

 Can you tell which one belongs to the six year old? Gag...sour worms, Reese's pieces, gummy bears, M&Ms, and a pile of sprinkles. I think I would die if I tried to eat that. She ate every bite though... Now that we're back home, I decided to join in with Farley over at Oh Boy, Fourth Grade! for this month's Currently linky. Here we go!

Lots of stuff going on at the old homestead today. Gotta get ready to head back to work on Tuesday...:-( 

Listening: Yeah...those minion whistles they put in happy meals...not cool McDonalds, not cool at all. That is one of the most irritating sounds in the world. Grrrrrr....

Loving: My classroom is almost finished! Just a few small things to go and I will be completely finished. Now I can actually use my two pre-planning days for actual planning!  

Thinking: I love to cook, but the mess afterwards is what irks me. That giant cup of fro-yo has me set for the rest of the day. But my six year old...nope. She's hungry all the time.

Wanting: A trip to the old Wally-World and I scored myself a new laminator! I took it to school 
today and started laminating just about everything. Calendar, schedule, if it could be laminated, I did it today. Love that thing!

Needing: I despise shopping for clothes. Well..teacher clothes that is. Park me in the middle of Buckle with a pile of jeans and tshirts and I'm happy. But teacher clothes...ugh. I just look weird in dress clothes. 

And for back to school, I keep it simple. I've got to have a pile of Sharpies, new Pilot G2 ink pens, and spanking new shoes. I wear sneakers every single day so a good pair is an absolute necessity. Most of the time it's a pair of New Balance shoes, but this year I'm trying out a pair is Nike's. We'll  see how those work out for me. 

Well that's about it folks, I've got a mountain of laundry, a sinkful of dishes, and a container to spray paint for school. But I'll get around to that sometime or another. I'll see you back here in the morning for Snap It Up Saturday! 

Have a great weekend!


  1. I love the G2 Pilot pens too and New Balance are my fave shoes for school too for standing all day.

  2. I bought my laminator at Walmart too! We have been best buds this summer but he might be a little mad that I'm making him work so hard in the summer haha Hope you have a good rest of your summer!
    Fabulously Fifth

  3. I am with you on wearing sneakers everyday. Standing and bending over to conference with students. It's hard on the ol' body. Nike has some cute bright and colorful kicks I may check out this year. Your daughter is such a cuties. It's all about the bright and colorful toppings. I love how kids think in rainbows. Happy Saturday!

    What's In My Teacher Bag Video